When you sell or let with Simpson and Partners, your property will take pride of place on our website, our social media, and in our office window, making sure it gets seen by as many people as possible. This means potential buyers or tenants are seeing photos of your property before anything else, and they can often be crucial for a successful sale. 

But before you get out your smartphone or digital camera, here at Simpson and Partners we believe that the key to lucrative property photos is to make use of a professional photographer. In fact, we think this is so important that we have our very own photographer on hand, ensuring every property sold or let with us is shown to its best potential. 

If you’re thinking about selling or letting your home, here are five reasons why using a professional photographer will always be the best choice for you and your property. 

They know the best angles

Skilled professional photographers will have experience shooting in a large variety of locations, and will be prepared for whatever your home throws at them. In an instant, they will know the best angle to photograph every single room to show them at their best, from finding the best lighting and making sure there are no dark shadows, to ensuring your rooms don’t look smaller than they actually are. 

They have all the best equipment

While your latest smartphone model may take incredible pictures, professional equipment offers not only quality but also versatility, that can’t be matched. From interchangeable lenses for different lighting or angles to tripods used to create a steady frame, a professional property photographer will come armed with all the necessary equipment to keep your home looking its absolute best. 

They make your photos work for every marketing channel

Potential buyers could be viewing your property’s photos on a large computer screen or sales brochure, but they could also be seeing them on their Instagram feed on a small phone screen. Professional property photographs will ensure they look good wherever they are and whatever size they are, showing off every little detail of your home without having to compromise on quality. 

They can do more than just take your photos 

We all know the Great British weather is pretty unreliable, and getting the perfect natural lighting can sometimes be impossible. While a professional photographer will make sure your home is being shown true to life, their skills with editing and post-production software can help to make your photos more appealing and eye-catching to grab people’s attention as they scroll past. 

They are cost-effective 

Using a professional photographer might be an additional cost at the beginning of your selling journey, but with professionally photographed properties being more likely to sell for their asking price or higher, it will end up being a cost-effective investment. 

With over 20 years’ experience in the property market, we know how beneficial professional property photography can be. If you would like to know more about our professional photography services, get in touch today and speak to one of our consultants.