We’ve all heard the old cliché saying of ‘new year, new you’, with January being seen by many as a month for self-improvement and fresh starts. But what about a bit of home improvement too? Whether in preparation for a potential house sale later in the year or simply for your own enjoyment, the new year is a great time to make some much-needed changes in your home to keep it looking fresh and attractive.

When making improvements to your home, small, simple changes can be just as effective as large, expensive projects like extensions and remodelling, so we’ve come up with some simple DIY ways for you to revamp your home this new year.

Paint outdated furniture and cabinets

Before spending large amounts of money on new furniture or kitchen cabinets, consider whether or not they could be painted instead. Chalk paint can help to make tired wooden furniture look fresh and contemporary, or bring a bright pop of colour into a room. From tables and chairs to bookshelves and wardrobes, this can be a fun and easy project for the whole family to help with.

Alternatively, if you already have painted furniture, stripping it back to its natural finish can create a rustic, minimalist look.

Reupholster chairs and sofas

If your chairs and sofas have become worn and tatty from daily use, or you are wanting a new style or colour scheme in a room, you don’t need to buy an all-new expensive suite. If the actual structure of the furniture is well maintained, reupholstering it with new fabric instead can create a fresh new look for a fraction of the price.

Repurpose old furniture

We all have some furniture in our homes that is no longer needed, or that we don’t like quite as much now as we did when we bought it. But instead of leaving it in the spare room to forget about, why not give it a new purpose this new year? An old dresser or vanity could become a stylish drinks cabinet, while a wardrobe or storage unit could find a new life as a garden shed.

Create a brand-new room

Disruptive and costly building work isn’t always needed in order to create a new room in your home. If you have unused space in your property such as an old playroom or extra spare room that is being used for storage more than anything else, giving it a new function as a home office or gym can be done simply with a lick of paint and some new furniture. This can help to make your home feel bigger without extending and can even add value to your property in a potential sale.

If taking down the Christmas decorations has made you realise your home is in need of some love, why not give DIY a try? Changes such as these can not only bring a new lease of life to your home for yourself but could also increase the appeal of your property for a future buyer.