Since the housing market reopened last month, we have experienced solid demand from house-movers and tenants throughout Kettering, Thrapston, Burton Latimer and the surrounding villages, meaning now may be the perfect time to get your property on the market. 

But after several months being stuck indoors, is your home looking more cluttered than ever? Have you stopped worrying about cracks in the plaster or stains on the carpet since friends and family stopped popping round for a cup of tea? Don’t panic: here are our top tips to help you get back on track, to make sure your home is ready for market.

Get rid of clutter

We’ve all been guilty of spending too much time and money shopping online over the past few months, and before you know it, piles of toys, clothes and useless knick-knacks can accumulate in every room. Sorting through this clutter before putting your house on the market will not only make packing easier once it’s time to move, but it will also free up valuable space, making your home appear bigger, brighter and more appealing for potential buyers.

Clean from top to bottom

It’s obvious that a clean home is far more appealing for potential buyers than a dirty one, but for some, a quick hoover and polish isn’t going to cut it. Deep cleaning every room of your house to get rid of marks on the walls, water stains and limescale in the bathrooms or food on the cooker will ensure your home is being shown in the best light for even the most scrutinising eye.

Steam cleaning carpets and floors, or even investing in a professional carpet cleaning service, will help to make tired and worn-down carpets look and feel fresh and new. Having diffusers or air fresheners throughout your house will also help to increase the appeal of your home, as it will smell clean and inviting from the moment you step through the door.

Do some DIY

While minor repair work may cost you a bit of money now, it could end up increasing the value of your property in the long run. Ensuring cracks are filled in, broken kitchen cabinets are fixed or that leaky tap is no longer dripping could increase the price of your initial valuation as well as giving buyers less scope to haggle for a lower price when making an offer.

Consider your kerb appeal

For most buyers, how a property looks on the outside is just important as the inside, and the first impression they get as they walk up to your door could ultimately affect how they feel about the rest of the house. Think about how you could improve the kerb appeal of your property, such as mowing the grass, removing weeds and clutter, or planting flowers and trimming unruly hedges. You might even consider painting your front door to make it stand out from others on your street.

Show, don’t tell

Although we are following strict guidelines to ensure physical viewings can be carried out safely, we are aware that many buyers and sellers do not feel comfortable with in-person viewings. We are therefore still carrying out virtual valuations and are providing buyers and tenants with as much detail as possible through high-quality imagery and even 360° virtual tours.

Because of this, it’s important to show the full potential of your home from the outset by accurately showing the size and function of each room through furniture and design. This will help potential buyers to visualise whether their own furniture and belongings will fit into each room so they can more easily imagine your home as theirs and make them more likely to commit to an in-person viewing.

Whether you’re selling or letting, we know you will have even more questions and concerns than normal about your property journey and our team of experienced sales consultants are on hand to help you every step of the way. Contact your nearest office or email to discuss getting your property on the market.