Home is where the heart is, even when it’s rented, so you want to make sure that your rental property is in perfect condition for any new tenants so they can feel right at home as soon as they walk through the door.

While there are a number of more serious and legal obligations that must be considered before a new tenancy agreement starts, such as checking smoke alarms, plumbing, and insurance, and creating an inventory of the condition of any freestanding and fixed items, there are several other ways for you to ensure that your tenants are happy and settled.

Deep clean from top to bottom

Your previous tenants will have cleaned the property after moving out, but it’s important to double-check that everything is at the highest standard for the next occupants. Making sure all the bathrooms and the kitchen are cleaned and bleached, and floors are mopped or vacuumed will keep the property smelling fresh and take away some of the stress of moving home.

For a deeper clean including full disinfection and sanitising treatments, you may want to think about hiring a professional cleaner as well.


There’s no need to change the colour scheme of every single room, but applying a fresh coat of paint to cover any chips or scratches and tidying up any peeling wallpaper can do wonders to make the property look almost as good as new.

This may not be necessary for every new tenant, especially if the previous occupants didn’t live there for very long, but doing so every few years will ensure everything is looking fresh. This will not only be a benefit to the people moving in now but could also help to entice people when you are next looking for tenants.

Ensure any special requests have been met

When writing up your tenancy agreement, there may have been some special requests made by your tenant which you agreed to carry out. Whether this was installing certain appliances, making accommodations for service animals or simply painting the walls a specific colour, it is important to know exactly what your tenant is expecting from you so you can ensure all of their needs are met.

Leave a small gift

While not necessary, it can be a lovely surprise for new tenants to find a bottle of wine in the fridge or a bunch of flowers on the worktop. As a landlord, you want to create a positive relationship with your tenants; choosing a rental home is a big decision and it is important for your tenants to trust you and for you to trust them. Leaving an inexpensive but thoughtful gift for when they move in will help to build this relationship from day one.


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