From grocery shopping to banking, online services have become a large part of our daily lives over the past few years and estate agents have been no exception. With online estate agents reaching a national audience through television adverts, their cheap deals can be incredibly appealing, but they might not include some of the great advantages offered by your local high street estate agent. 

But what are some of these advantages?

Local knowledge 

It may sound obvious, but local estate agents come with unrivalled local knowledge. As well as being qualified to offer in-depth information and advice on the wider industry, at Simpson and Partners many of our consultants grew up and still live in the local towns and villages, allowing them to give advice on the local area and property market based on their own personal experiences. 

An in-person relationship 

Selling or buying a home is an incredibly personal, and at times emotional, experience. Here at Simpson and Partners we aim to get to know our customers on a personal level – and what better way to do that than a face-to-face conversation? 
If you are looking to buy your next home, forming a close, in-person relationship with your consultant helps them to understand exactly what you’re looking for, so they can let you know about ideal properties for you as soon as they go on sale. If you are selling, by getting to know you and your property inside out, they will be able to advertise it to potential buyers in the best way possible. 

Advertise to a more diverse yet focused audience

While it may seem that the whole world is online these days, there are still people who prefer to do things the old-fashioned way so when using an online estate agent, you could end up missing out on a large group of potential buyers. If you sell with Simpson and Partners, your property will still be advertised online, taking pride of place on our website, social media accounts, and on national sites such as Rightmove, but it will also be showcased in one of our branches for visitors and passers-by. 
When using a local estate agent, your property will also be seen by a much more focused audience, attracting buyers who are specifically looking for homes in your area, making enquiries and viewings much more likely to be successful. 

A full, comprehensive service

Many online estate agents are there to sell your home or sell you a home and nothing more, with any additional services coming with a price tag. On top of our standard selling, buying, letting, and renting services, our diverse team allows us to offer free valuations, professional photography, and expert advice on finance, mortgages, and conveyancing, giving our customers a fully comprehensive service throughout their entire property journey. 

Cheap online agents may seem enticing, but nothing can beat the service provided by a local estate agent. And if you’re still not convinced, why not pop into your local branch to see what we offer for yourself.