As the population of the UK continues to grow, the number of properties needed to accommodate everyone does too. In 2019, more than 240,000 new homes were built in England alone, and this figure is only set to increase. But is a new-build home right for your property journey? We’ve put together some of the benefits of buying a new-build property to help you decide.

Put your stamp on it from the very beginning

New-build homes can often be purchased while they are still being built. If you can get your offer in at this early stage, you could be able to choose certain fixtures and fittings such as doors and kitchen appliances. By choosing your preferences before you have even moved in, the house will begin to feel like home from the day you get your keys, and you won’t need to spend as much time and money on renovating and decorating.

No chain

One of the biggest issues that can cause house sales to fall through is the property chain, in which multiple people are trying to sell their home at the same time as buying someone else’s. If just one person drops out of their sale, it can cause problems for everyone in the chain with them.

As new-build homes are usually sold directly by housing developers and estate agents, you will have no upward chain as no one will need to move out before you can move in. This can help take the stress and worry out of the whole process, as your purchase will not be reliant on other people. And, if you’re a first-time buyer moving into a new-build home, there will be no chain at all, making moving house as easy as it possibly can be.

No maintenance work is needed

When moving into a previously owned home, especially if it is an old house, it could need extensive and expensive maintenance work carrying out once you move in. This could be something you knew about before you bought the house, such as replacing old windows to make them more insulating, but it could be an issue that you (and maybe the previous owner) were unaware of that will be an unexpected cost.

As everything is brand new in a new-build home, you will hopefully not have to carry out any maintenance work for a long time after moving in. This could help you save money in the long run, even if the upfront cost of the property was more expensive.

Security and safety guarantee

Everything within a new-build home will be in compliance with the latest safety and security standards, from the locks on your doors and windows to your heating and plumbing. This means that you and your family can rest assured that you are safe and secure within your home without needing to carry out any inspections and safety checks first.

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