We have previously highlighted the benefits of purchasing a new-build home, but why should they get all the glory? Tens of thousands of pre-owned homes are sold every month in the UK and for many people, this is how they have found the house of their dreams. If you’re thinking about selling your home, but aren’t sure what type of property you want to buy, here are a few of the benefits of buying a pre-owned home.

A more unique property

When you buy a new-build home, there will normally be a number of the same exact house design within one housing development, or even across multiple developments throughout the country. If you buy a pre-owned property however, while the houses in one street may have a cohesive design style, you could find something that it is entirely unique, especially if previous renovation work has been carried out. As well as this, older homes will have a lot of quirky and period features that can really add character to a home.

The same size property may be cheaper

Even if a pre-owned property is only a few years old and in great condition, it may be cheaper than a new-build home of the same size that has been fitted with all new state-of-the-art appliances. By saving money on the initial purchase price, you’ll then be able to spend that money you have saved on renovating and decorating to make sure your home is absolutely perfect for your specific needs.

Pre-owned properties normally also have slightly larger gardens, as new housing developments can have space restrictions and will therefore compromise on garden size to build a larger property. Most of these larger gardens will also have established flower beds and shrubbery of some kind, so you won’t be starting with a blank canvas.

You won’t be moving into a building site

When you move into a pre-owned home, you’ll be able to enjoy the property as it is intended from the day you move in, and hopefully enjoy some much-needed peace and quiet after all the stress of moving. With new-build homes however, you may be moving in while other properties in the development are still being built. This means you could have to put up with the noises, smells, and sights of a building site right outside your front door for months after you’ve moved in.

You’ll be moving to an established community

If a sense of community is important to you, by moving into a pre-owned property you’ll be welcomed into an already established community where all your neighbours already know each other. This may include people whose children go to school together or those who simply stop to chat when they pass in the street, but a friendly neighbourhood atmosphere will help to make you feel at home straight away. This is something that can’t as easily be achieved in a new-build, where everyone has only just moved in and some houses are still unoccupied.

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