When it comes to selling your home, you want to make sure you’re getting the best price for the property, especially if you are upsizing or moving to a more expensive area. From a full kitchen makeover to some simple redecorating, we’ve recently looked at how you can add value to the interior of your home, but what about the exterior?

As industrial towns, many of the terraced homes in Kettering and Burton Latimer date back to the 19th century, having been built to accommodate factory workers. It is unsurprising, therefore, that a large number of these homes feature small front gardens instead of driveways. But, with the average East Midlands’ household owning 1.4 cars in 2018, the appeal of off-road parking is ever-growing and more people are thinking about adding a driveway to their property before putting it on the market.

But what is more appealing for buyers: a practical driveway or a beautiful front lawn?

The benefits of a driveway

The most obvious benefit of having your own driveway is the guaranteed parking spot to come home to at the end of the day; no more dodgy parallel parking or hauling your groceries halfway down the street when there are no spaces outside of your house. Not only is this more practical, but it can also help you save money on your car insurance as your vehicle is kept in a safer location.

Paved driveways also require a lot less maintenance than lawns and flowerbeds, needing only a simple sweep and clean every now and then instead of weekly mowing, weeding and dead-heading. Unlike a garden, a driveway can stay looking its best all year round, so when it comes to selling, your home will look just as clean and welcoming in January as it does in July.

The benefits of a front garden

First impressions definitely count when it comes to buying a property so increasing your kerb appeal could be the difference between someone making an offer or walking away before they’ve even stepped through the door. And what could be more appealing than a beautiful, well-tended garden?

If you don’t have a large back garden, having additional space for flowerbeds or even a small vegetable patch at the front of your property could be invaluable to a green-fingered house buyer. In a family home in particular, having a separate space for gardening where plants aren’t in danger of damage from rogue footballs or children’s play equipment is ideal.

Which will add more value to your home?

There are various factors that can determine what will add value to your home, and not everything will work for every property.

Driveways can cost anywhere between £30 and £100 per square metre, in addition to the cost of a kerb-drop, so it is important to weigh up all of the costs to determine whether you will get a worthwhile return in investment when it comes to selling. If you live on a busy road, where parking spaces are at a premium, a new driveway could increase the value of your home by up to 10%, however, if you live in a quiet street with plenty of roadside parking, a well-kept front garden could set your home apart from the competition. In fact, if your neighbours all have picturesque gardens, converting yours into a driveway could end up seeing it decrease in value compared to the surrounding properties.

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