The coronavirus crisis has changed the way many of us feel about our daily routines. In particular, the national lockdowns have changed the priorities of many London renters, developing a new-found appreciation for things such as better quality of living, large outdoor spaces and close-knit communities.

Above all, for many London workers, new working from home routines mean that proximity to the capital is no longer a crucial factor when choosing where to live, leading to commuter towns such as Kettering soaring in popularity. We have broken down the reasons why now, more than ever, is the perfect time for landlords to invest in properties in Kettering.

Work from home means work from anywhere!

2020 has witnessed a nationwide shift to remote working. In turn, city-based workers are rethinking the structure of their day, and living 10 minutes from the office is no longer a priority. Moving to towns such as Kettering and Thrapston subsequently becomes a more attractive option for renters, and here’s why:

As of October 2020, average monthly rent in the East Midlands is around £678, compared to London’s whopping £1,603. With new WFH measures, many renters debate whether it is worth paying those London prices. Getting more for their money means renters can afford a larger house in Kettering or the surrounding area, improving their quality of space to both live and work in comfort.

Commute in if you need to

Lockdown has undoubtedly made people rethink how they spend their time and making journeys as efficient and necessary as possible is now crucial. Some companies now consider a split week of WFH and office-based days, meaning travelling to London from a commuter town is easier than ever. Commuting from Kettering takes an impressive 45 minutes, placing the town in the top 3 commuter locations alongside Wellingborough and Cambridge. Kettering also has fantastic commuter links to Leicester and Nottingham.

Community is everything

The pandemic has made us reassess what’s important to us, such as the value of friends and family. Undoubtedly, living in supportive neighbourhoods made lockdown easier and more manageable for many people. Taking this into consideration when investing, Kettering is a friendly town with a strong community feel, offering fantastic schools and social groups. It proves to be a great place for renters to bring up families, away from the hustle and bustle of a large, chaotic city.  

Green spaces are key

The stresses of lockdown encouraged a lot of people to place a higher value on leisure and down-time, and people realized the beauty of living near green spaces to relax in. With an increasing demand for properties with large gardens (especially to grow your veg in!), Kettering proves a fantastic option for renters: Northamptonshire boasts some beautiful parks and nature reserves, while many of Simpson and Partners’ properties available as buy-to-let offer spacious gardens to unwind in.


There is an abundance of reasons why COVID-19 has steered landlords towards investing in commuter towns such as Kettering. Our renters can save pennies, improve their quality of living and avoid those London prices. Why not check out our blog which provides even more reasons why renters are likely to move to Kettering. Get in touch to find your perfect property to invest in today.